12 Top Animation Tools for Digital Artists

Animation professions grew up watching the early movies and they wonder how those movies were made and if they can recreate similar projects. There are 12 tools for the digital artists to get their animations just the way that they want them.

1# Photoshop

This is a good program for learning and everyone can use the basics. This program is easy to use and can be linked with a number of other programs such as Maya to get the 3D characters that are created in motion.

2# Gimp

This is an image editor that has a number of different tools for those that are looking to make their creations come to life. This program is also free to use.

3# Autodesk Maya

This program is one of the best 3D animators and it is limitless. This will allow an animator to design their own characters in 3D and then allow them to move.

4# Blender

This program is great for starters to get a feel for how animation works and they will learn all of the tools that are needed to make an animated movie or video. These tools range from basic to advanced as a person improves their skills. There are a number of tutorials to help with this program and it is free to use.

5# Zbrush

This program is great for adding texture and layers to the 3D project. This program has excellent designs and allows for truly unique creations.

6# Corel Painter

This program was just updated and is easy to use. This program will allow the artist to add textures and can mimic the different mediums that are used to create drawings. There are a number of special effects that can be added as well.

7# Artrange

This program is easy to use and works on a number of devices. An artist can be different mediums and add special touches to their work. They will have access to a number of tools to create any 3D picture they can dream of.

8# Snap Art

There are a number of different tools to use on this program as well as hundreds of controls to add special touches to the creation. This tool allows an artist to add even the smallest details to their work.

9# Autodesk Sketchbook

This is a freehand drawing and painting program that will allow a person to bring their ideas to life and even add annotated images to their pictures.

10# Corel Painter Essentials

This software is easy to use and is professional quality. This will help turn original works and photos into art. There are a number of effects to use as well.

11# ArtWeavre

This program is similar to Photoshop but has additional features and textures. There are also many enhancement tools for the 3D art.

12# Studio Art

This program uses science including graphic synthesizers to bring the art to life and even add music to the background. These are some of the best programs that can be used to create animations for digital artist.