3D Printed Houses of the WASP Project

An Italian company is amazing the world by the level of innovation that they are showing. They have the biggest 3D printer called the BigDelta. The BigDelta is already working on the first 3D printed house in the world, which is located in Massa Lombarda, Italy. World’s Advanced Saving Project (WASP) is using the locally available materials like soil to build the house. The home is being constructed using industrial printers and innovative ideas.
The printer that is being used here is the largest in the world and can print using mud, dirt, or clay. The availing of this awesome printer, the BigDelta was done at an event known as Reality of Dream. The completion of this house will be a big step ahead for the engineers who are working behind the scenes to facilitate everything. The houses that are being printed as meant to be cheap and for those with low income.

Open Door for Participation

WASP has a plan to go to the next level seeing this project as one, which has been a success. The company is calling upon volunteers to come in and bring their input. WASP welcomes those who want to contribute in building the first 3D house with locally available materials, which have been processed on site to make the house stronger. The end product is expected to be a home with lightweight and durable.

The idea behind the 3D printed houses is to come up with a village that is self-sufficient. Cheap and durable housing is expected to help the meet all their needs like healthcare, food, education and art, and employment. WASP is likely to achieve their goals by welcoming the public participation.

Technological Village

Shamballa is the name of the technological village. Shamballa is going to be very busy in the near future as more houses are anticipated to be under construction. The DeltaWASP 3MT is the next big machine to land in this village. DeltaWASP 3MT can print plastic pellets and perform other several complicated operations. WASP is coming to this village with tools that are capable of doing any duty that you may think of while doing construction. The technological village is also well prepared to produce furniture; this furniture will be on the open-air workshop once they are ready. There will be outdoor workshops every weekend once everything else has settled down.