3D Printer Buyer’s Guide 2018

While 3D printing is powerful in the manufacturing industry there is a wide variety of materials and printers. Many companies struggle to find the right printer for their business.

Criteria for Finding the Correct Printer

There is a list of criteria that will help a company find the right printer for their company. This criterion is;

1. File-to-Finished Part Speed,
2. Part Strength,
3. Accuracy,
4. Material Properties,
5. Part Aesthetics and,
6. Print Capacity.

In order to purchase the correct printer, the above list needs to be completely reviewed.

Each printer had a different speed from file to finished part. It takes into consideration preparation for building, the print speed and finishing time. When it comes to the part strength you have to know what you need the printed parts to do.

You want the printer to be accurate. This is dependent on the part size as well as the material and geometry. You can use the Buyers Guide to find what you need when it comes to accuracy. As the different technologies have different strengths and weaknesses, both of which need to be factored in.

While some printed objects need to be appealing visually others do not as they are only functional. Know if you need help to choose the correct printer. You also need to know what your print capacity is. You want to order a printer that can meet these needs.

What You Can Learn

After reading the buyer’s guide you will know which printer you need. Knowing this will keep your investment in line with your operation needs.
There are also different printers for the different industries. Knowing which printer is the best for each particular industry will also help you to order the right printer.

Ordering the right 3D printer can help you move your company to the next level. It can minimize your assembly time as well as offer better lifespan of your parts.

Your manufacturing process will become streamlined with the right 3D printer. You can offer your customers quality parts at lower prices. Using The Buyer’s Guide will help you choose the right printer for your company.