3D Printing Technology and the Furniture Industry

There are many forms of art in the world, but the ability to take art and mix it in with furniture can take designing to a whole new level. The idea of using a 3D printer to intensify the designing process of furniture was an ingenious idea. The concept of using the printers is still somewhat new; however, with a few researchers taking on the task of testing the printers will only push the technology forward faster.

Designers Implement New and Original Designs

Recently, a push for the customization of using a 3D printer for furniture was successful and the benefits of the accomplishment were achieved. With the ability to create different patterns, colors, and textures on the 3D printer, the designers were capable of implementing new and original designs. To top that off, if a designer loved the product they made with the printer, they had the ability to mass-produce it with ease. Small and large-scale furniture was created with the 3D printers, and many companies were able to profit from the achievements. They were able to reduce the overhead cost of production, material, and time spent designing their creations, thus making the printer take furniture to a completely new height.

Heavy Furniture Is More Simple to Design and Transport

Upon using a 3D printer for furniture, designers were able to fashion lighter weight items and unique design products for consumers across the world. There are many options to formulate new designs and materials that allowed designers to feel free to design with imagination instead of worrying about resources. To top that off, because they were able to make the furniture lighter, large sofas and other heavy furniture were simple to design and transport to a new location. This was a brilliant step in the technology and design of current and the future of furniture. To give an idea of a few companies that now utilize the new technology for furniture would be Ikea, Steelcase, Ultimaker, Janne Kyttanen, Ventury, Maria Cichy, and Patrick Jouin. With companies and independent designers using the 3D printers for creative and innovative designs, we can only expect to see a future growth in the furniture industry because they will only continue to inspire others.