3D Scanning can find Hidden Treasures of the Past

The Mexican Kukulcan temple also referred to as El Castillo is a unique structure. Locals and foreigners, researchers and tourists give being one of the oldest structures Kukulcan temple. It is a pyramid on top of a pyramid. The first pyramid was the one which was visible for a long time before researchers discovered another one in the 1930s. According to Archaeologists, the second inner structure was built around A.D 800. The outer structure is estimated to have been completed at around 1050.

Former Scans Findings

Rene Chavez Seguro who was the lead researcher when the discovery was made said that the building resembles Russian nestling doll. The inner pyramid was located using a 3D scanning method known as electrical resistivity tomography. The researchers relate the nature and state of the building with leadership and political changes.
Researchers in their recent press conference also stated that in-depth study of the structure could reveal more about the population and settlement. The use of the 3D scanning method to get the second structure made the researchers think that there is a possibility of getting more nestling dolls which could be even smaller.
The other recent development on the use of 3D scan is the discovery of more chambers in the one of the greatest wonders of the world, the Egyptian pyramids. The research is still in progress under the leadership of Egyptian archaeologists and several French researchers.

Researchers’ Expectations

The researchers are confident that they will get more chambers since the previous scans have been able to major anomaly inside the same great Pyramids. The scans revealed that there were three stones at the base of the pyramid and their temperature was higher compared other others.

One of the technologies that the archaeologists depend on in their research is the 3D scans with lasers. The laser bounces some light in the structure and then takes all the fine details that are available in there. The data is combined using a detailed 3D model that gives the findings. The other technology that they use is the cosmic-ray detectors. The cosmic-ray detectors detect muons, the creation of muons happens when the cosmic rays are exposed to the atmosphere. The results of all scans are compiled into a 3D image, which is capable of showing all the hidden chambers inside the big one.