Brilliant Uses of 3D in Brand Campaigns

Artists that are willing to work with many brands can use their 3D design knowledge to work in a professional environment. There are many options to choose from when it comes to using the knowledge of computer-generated imagery and taking it beyond the limits of what any software can do when these four brands hire 3D designers to push their works to the limits. Here are four Brand Campaigns that 3D designers can be a part of!


Tesco, a British groceries and gasoline distributing company, proclaimed it will be creating a new way of providing service to customers. With their gas stations, they’ve decided to make a face scanning program that helps customers put their own personal achievements as well as give them access to their accounts with their own faces. In collaboration with AmScreen, they’ve created OptimEyes, which uses a camera made for facial recognition, looking over their age and gender as well as their face. This app even makes ads for them to see depending on the customer that uses the program.

Sight Search

eBay and Myer’s new VR tech is Sight Search, which lets customers recognize many products for them to search for online. With more than 12,000 items to look for on the online shopping website, there’s a lot that customers can find without having to type any specific words for what they want. What makes this project interesting is that it took a year for Sight Search to be a part of the website eBay has. Now that it’s become available, customers can use the eBay VR Department Store app with ease; with VR glasses available, and their phone set to search for any products in mind, there’s a new form of shopping experience that will change the way people see eBay and anything like it.

Ikea VR Rooms

When it comes to selling furniture and other home decor pieces made to go with the rooms of any customers, no other store can do as well as Ikea! Given how massive the stores are, the company decided to help customers that can’t search at the store. Its new VR room designer is the best solution for deciding how customers would want the layout of their rooms to go with the furniture they are set to buy! By going through the Ikea furniture catalog, customers can scan the cross sign near the item in question and see how the item in question works with the environment. From the placement to the scale, this app is great for programmers to touch on how to 3D design is implemented in Ikea’s VR program.

Eyes on the Harbor

Vivid Sydney, a light festival that is celebrated at Darling Harbor in the state capital it’s named after, proposed to take the visuals they make to a whole new level. As part of an official collaboration with Intel, they have created the Eyes on the Harbor, which is made with 3D facial recognition in mind! Using RealSense for the tweaked festival, viewers can witness their recreated faces being used for the water show, with a cute short video sent to them.