Build a House in Only One Day – 3D Printed Houses

The idea of having a 3D printed house is no longer as farfetched as it has been in years past. Experts state that 3D printing will be the staple of the upcoming technological revolution. It is therefore important to understand what 3D printing technology is and how it can be used to better the lives of all humankind.

3D printing is the process of taking a 2D image and turning it into a 3D object. A high-tech computer takes the 2D image that has been entered and repeatedly traces that image into an open space using thin layers of a specified material. These materials vary from metal to plastics. Each time the 3D computer traces the 2D pattern over itself, the material that is printed is reinforced. Objects of any shape, size, design, or strength can be created with the help of the right 3D printer and materials.

What Are the Benefits of 3D Printed Houses?

The benefits of 3D printing are still under investigation. Manufacturers believe that 3D printing could open the doors for safe and affordable housing in areas of natural devastation. These 3D houses can be printed in as little as 24 hours. This means that temporary housing can be made available while the devastated area is reconstructed. This 3D printed housing option may also serve as a more permanent residence in areas of the world that suffer from overpopulation and lack of housing.

Houses that are created using a 3D printing technique can be taken down as quickly as they are put up. This is an especially useful feature when the occupants move into a more permanent housing establishment, such as would be the case when natural disaster victims move back into their reconstructed homes.

3D printed houses can be redesigned in a quick and efficient way. The materials used to create the 3D printed houses can be recycled completely. Once a house is torn down, then the material is recycled and rebuilt into another 3D printed house. This could easily solve problems like having to replace a weak or damaged wall. The owner or designer of the home may wish to change the texture or the design of the home, and would be able to do so with a 3D printed house.

Cheap and Modern Houses for Everyone

3D printed houses are relatively affordable to create. A 100-square foot 3D printed house can be created in 24 hours. This means that the bill for labor is limited to as little as just one day. Not only can these houses be built quickly, but they can also be created with just one laborer. Only one person is required to load the material into the device that builds the 3D printed home. That means that just one person will need to be paid for labor unless the job is split between a team of members. The materials used to create the 3D printed house are readily available and easily recyclable. When materials do not need to be shipped in from international sources, then the cost tends to be lower for materials.

The entire 3D printed house can be printed on the spot. This will eliminate the need to create portions of the house elsewhere and have them shipped into the construction site. Accidents can be avoided, and construction delays are less likely when the entire process of building the house takes place in one location.

If 3D printed houses encompass each and every one of the benefits listed above, then the cost of manufacturing a home could be cut by as much as 90 %.