Creating Large Scale Materials for 3D Printers

There is always research done to improve the standings of the 3D printers. Many people want to see a faster rate of success in 3d printing with large-scale products; however, this is no reason for concern anymore.

With the history of the 3D printers, materials with properties of natural and mechanical attributes are used for smaller scale items. However, they do have the ability to become hazardous because the mixtures are not necessarily water resistant. The reason of concern with these materials is to remove excess material after the product has dried which causes potential damage to the product produced.

Cellulose-Chitin is a Perfect Material

In a recent research study analysis, a material called cellulose-chitin was used because it held properties that were biodegradable. When it was used it was malleable and when it dried it would shrink. Many tests were performed to see how the material could be best used and with what setting the machine could be set to get the best results. Because of the testing and the results, the researchers found out that if they used controllable limits in order to optimize the results more accurately. By finding out this information they were able to produce a tool that would help with proper printouts from the machine. They stated that there is still some improvements needed to be produced; however, they have found the understanding of how to produce a machine or toolset with the material that can be beneficial for consumers. What they created was a wind turbine blade that was successful. However, they still want to continue their research to find out lower costing ways to be productive.

Testing the Best Positive and Efficient Composition

The Engineer shared that by the teams learned knowledge it turned into a 3D printing turning point for production. With the proper techniques and organic compounds used in tests, the team will only continue to grow and improve their knowledge of the 3D printing industry. They share that cellulose is a compound that is found in the barriers of plants, and because it is abundant in the world, it would be smarter to use this type of material.

However, the focused their testing on a small amount of the chitin to have the best positive and efficient results. By using the smaller amounts of the chitin, they are able to show that it would be better for the environment as well as the manufacturing needs of the consumers.