Eva Project Part 4

She’s finally here. The Eva model came back from the 3d printers and she’s looking marvelous.
The model was printed in wax and cast in silver with a final hand polish. All of this was done by the 3d printing company.


One day I will print my models on my own equipment. A new 3d wax printer is just 30000 $US.


For the exposure setup I want to keep it very simple. A single mounting post will hold the Eva model.
Guillermo recommended a highly reflective surface for the background, but I wanted it black.
Well, once again he was right ;-). We did some test shots with a black cloth as a background and the hologram came out way too dark.


For the glueing of the model I had to build a little support structure. I should make a hologram of that aswell, looks interesting.