High-End Restaurant in the Netherlands Adding 3D Printed Food to the Menu

When thinking of 3D printing food is not what comes to mind. Yet restaurants are beginning to print food. Some of the foods that have been printed so far are;

1. Chocolate ganache,
2. Hazelnut celery,
3. Fruit caviar, and
4. Goat cheese.

First 3D Restaurant

Dutch chef Jan Smink will be opening his new restaurant in September 2018. He will be serving guests printed food. Chef Smink will be using traditional ingredients that are grown locally but they will be served in shapes that have only been imagined. Now the 3D printer brings that imagination into edible dishes.

The chef will be printing out food in the dining room so that guests can see the food being created. It will be a unique dining experience. The new restaurant will announce its name in mid-May.

In May not only will the name of the restaurant be announced but a website will be available for guest to start making reservations. The restaurant is on the site of the Dutch bank ING.

How 3D Food Printing Works

You ask how can printer print foods? It is actually very simple. The printer uses a piping bag and food cartridges that runs through the printer. The printer comes with;

1. Ten food safe cartridges,
2. Four nozzles and,
3. Five designs that are ready to be printed.

The piping bag which is actually a syringe is placed just above the printhead. It will deposit the food in the pattern that the user has chosen. It will deposit food that is provided by the user and it will also provide custom ingredients of its own.

Those most interested in the printer to start are pastry chefs and chocolatiers a well as high-end chefs. These chefs are able to experiment with the printer making various flavors as well as shapes. While it is these chefs that are most interested the printer will be available for anyone to purchase.

The manufacture of the printer hopes that by the end of 2018 many more of these printers will be sold as people become used to printing food.