How to Create Master Anatomy

When making creatures and making them come to life you need to focus on the anatomy of the creature that you are drawing. It is very important to get the skeletal system, the muscular system, and the vascular system correct to make it seem realistic. You will need to use the correct software to make sure the anatomy of the creature is correct. There are different computer programs that can be used such as Zbrush that can be used to create to make these figures come to life.

Use References

It is a good idea to use some real life references to base the creature off of. For example if you are developing dinosaurs you can look at frozen chicken parts in to get a feel for the limbs. Lizards can be used for creatures with scales.

Make a Story

Before heading to the computer you should make sketches and doodles of that you want to create. You can combine different features of several different creatures to make the ultimate drawing. Once you have it sketched out then you can go to the software program and bring it to life.

The Zsphere Tool

Zbrush has a great tool called the Zsphere. It can be used to start the base of the creature and will allow for detailed lines and will allow the users to have more control over what they are making. They can also view the sphere at any time and can add volume to their creation. This is the time that they need to use to get the anatomy of the creature correct.

Skeletal Anatomy

This will help you develop the muscles on the creature as well as provide a transition to the bones. This will help improve the overall structure of the creature. This can be done using different tasks in Zbrush. There is also a guide to help you develop this if you are having trouble figuring it out. You can also view your design as you add to it.

Block out the Main Part

You need to spend time on the overall silhouette when you are making the creature. You can use the move brush to do this. This will allow you to get an idea of the shape and the mass. While you are making these changes it should be done in low resolution until you have the basic design that you are happy with. You can use the topological brush to move vertical lines and you can use the move brush to move bigger pieces of your model.

Adding Muscle Mass

This will help bring your creature to life. The Clay Buildup tool can be used to add muscles to the creature. Each area should be done separately. This brush will allow the lines to be smooth. Be sure to change the tip of the brush when moving over the body.

Add Weight

This will help make the creature look real. Look at other models to get an idea of the heaviness that should be used as well as the areas that it should intersect.

These are some tips to designing the anatomy of different creatures. They will help make the creature look more lifelike and will allow you to create some great images.