Learn to Animate for Kids

Making animations for kids is fun. This will allow you to express your creativity and there are elements that will allow you to play with different colors. You need to put a little extra attention into them but in the end you will have a great project for children.

Think of the Children

You do not have to dumb down your designs but you need to make decisions that are good for children. Do not worry about adding humor at the moment, just focus on your design.

Put the Characters First

When you may have an entertaining storyline in mind do not focus on this for the time being. You need to develop the characters first and then think of your storyline that will go along with them.


Take a look at every shot in your animation and make sure the focus is on the characters. Do not allow the audience to become distracted with things such as the background. You should use the characters to progress with your story.

Be Kind to the Characters

Young children take in details at a very quick pace. If the characters do something bad the children will pick up on this. You can make the story funny but make sure there are things that are appropriate for children. Do not allow the characters to be mean to each other in order to make something in the story seem funny.

Add Effects with Vertex

This is one of the most interesting online programs to create animations. In addition to using the different programs there are a number of workshops that can be used to teach a person how to make the animations as well as deign things that will get the attention of children. This program has workshops that are held while some of the biggest names in design will come and talk. They will present their ideas, give tips for success, and even recruit others. There are also artists that hold workshops to help a person and give them some tips. Top artists often come to these events to share their secrets.

When a person is looking to make designs for children they need to keep them appropriate but entertaining as well. When creating characters, remember to have fun with it as well. Experiment with different colors and designs so that the characters will come out looking great.