Roads Trip with 3D Printed Bike

So many people have ideas but implementing them is a big challenge. The doubt of whether you will get that perfect product that you are looking for is again another source of fear. What is the feeling like when you just get the exact thing you were expecting? The two Sculpteo designers had that joy when their Sculpteo Bikes caught the eyes of other manufacturers at CES 2017.

The other success was when they did a successful road test of 1000 km from Las Vegas to San Francisco. The successful completion of the 1000 km journey proved that the company’s 3D printed metalwork is reliable and versatile. You might think that the bike took months to be designed and completed; it took only seven weeks to be ready. The bike was worked on by experts at Sculpteo and given the finest touch to compete in the market.


The bike was designed online. It did not have parts ready in a store somewhere, 70 percent of the parts of this bike were designed, evaluated then manufactured through online digital services. The joining parts were made using the SLS and CLIP technology, and pedals were made of alumide by the input of SLS 3D printing technology. Brakes were 3D printed and made of flexible polyurethane, titanium, and elastomeric polyurethane.

Other materials that were used in making this bike are leather, stainless steel, and aluminum. The entire bike was created using the 3D printing technology and all the parts made available. The final bike is the stylish, fashionable Sculpteo Bike. The cost the manufacturer this bike was approximately €4000 to come out of the company. You may think that it is an ordinary bike until you pedal it is when you notice that it can indeed go for 700 miles.

Road Test

The Sculpteo would not have gotten the fame if Widelka and Orsetti did not go for the 1000 km road test. They had good reasons for doing that, checking whether the bike was able to go through rough road is one of the reasons. They switched the tires the tires at a place called Ludlow for them to comfortably go through the rough road, which was ahead of them. The ability of the bike to go through harsh conditions is again another reason why they made the trip. The two gentlemen didn’t have spares, Sculpteo was to send in case they needed any.