The Secrets of 3D Scanning

When it comes to 3D scanning there are a ton of secrets to help with 3D design. Some important things to use when it comes to 3D scanning are structured light, 3D model generation, optimal scans, environment light, object features, and background. Each of these plays such an important role when it comes to creating anything using 3D. It also helps project images, and/or structures more alive.

Structured light technology provides the use of two cameras and active stereo vision that is an optical 3D scanning method to obtain the geometry of an object. You can also change the lightning on the item as well. The image is then obtained by triangulation and is called a range image. The range image provides the geometry of the image that was scanned.

3D Model Generation is Used to Obtain the Whole Surface by Frames

The next that is discussed is optimal scans. Optimal scans have three steps to provide the best scan possible for 3D items. The first step is environment light, the second is object characteristics such as material, color and shape, and the third is the background. Each of these is important to provide the best 3D experience needed for any type of imaging.

Object features are another secret that is around for 3D printing. Object features include the materials used, the color of the images, and the shapes that are made to create the 3D image.

The next thing discussed is environment light. Keeping enough light to cast a shadow on the item is important as it can help with figuring out the geometry of an object. It also helps provide more definition as well. Just be sure to not have any shadows present within the figure itself. It’s best to avoid any direct sunlight because it can interfere with the projection of the image and any extra shadows that may be present. It is also best to avoid sunlight because it can cause some issues with the projector light so it’s best to avoid any type of scanner uses.

Next is the Background

Background is highly important because it draws attention to the image. If the background is the same color as the image that is being displayed, then it is best to use external points to help with the coloring.

Each step is very important and honestly, the best secrets provided for 3D scanning. They also help with adding more life to any 3D image, sculpture, or other art being made. They also provide amazing tips for 3D scanning and imagery.