The Seven Dos and Don’ts of Animation

When creating digital characters and digital works of art there are some things the artist should do and some things that they should not do to make their works come to life and get the attention of the masses.

1# Do

When developing a portfolio show all of the skills that go into making this art. Include several different types of animations and include professional and personal works. Do not include similar shots but add diverse projects.

2# Don’t

Do not forget to add dialogue to the characters. Do not use generic lines that come up during tests. Do not add loud background music. If there is music in the background make sure the dialog can still be heard.

3# Do

Add some black space between each piece of animation. This will allow the viewer to know they are going to see something new. It will also give them a chance to think about the animated work they have just viewed.

4# Don’t

Every object on the stage does not have to be animated. While the main characters should be animated the background can be left in still mode. It should still be artfully designed. Every item on the stage should not move across it.

5# Do

Edit the animation carefully. Each showreel can be between 1,5 and 2 minute in length. Do not add fillers and do not cut different pieces together.

6# Don’t

Do not animate the object first and then give it a position on the stage. When animating, set the stage and the background and then add the figure that will be animated. Once the stage is set the animation can then be allowed to move with the rest of the stage and it will fit in properly. If animated first there may be odd angles and it will not fit in properly.

7# Do

Do preview the work often. This will allow small changes to be made to make the work look better and to enhance the quality of the animation. This should be done several times to make sure that the animations are perfect.

These are some of the things to do and not to do when showing off animations. When building a professional portfolio only a short clip is needed with the best works. This will allow a person to take in what they have seen and appreciate the skills that go into it.