Tips for Understanding Color Theory

When it comes to designing images and art color plays a bigger role than you would image. There is a science behind the color choices. You need to understand the messages that the different colors communicate and how to mix and match colors. These are some tips to teach you how to understand Color Theory.

RGB Color Mixing Model

This model looks at mixing light into the color. You will be able to create a number of colors by mixing red, blue, and green with different lighting shades. The more light you add to the color, the brighter it will become. When you mix all three of these colors together you will get white. This is important to understand because modern TVs as well as movie projectors in the theaters use red, blue, and green as their main colors. You need to learn how to mix them together and use the light to give you different colors. If you do not know how light will effect these colors even online ads that you design will look dully and muddy instead of bright and vibrant.

CMYK Subtractive Color Mixing Model

Colors used on physical surfaces often follow this model. When the primary colors are mixed they will give different hues and different colors. You need to understand this method since it is used by printers and will affect anything that will be printed. This will allow your colors to be accurate and your work to look professional.

Color Wheel

The color wheel is made from primary and secondary colors. There are six tertiary colors that are made from mixing the primary and the secondary colors together. The wheel will also separate warm and cool colors. With each group come different emotions. Warm colors are often associated with brightness and energy while cool colors are associated with a feeling of calmness and peace. Understanding the different emotions that these colors give off will help you convey the emotions you want your design to have and how you want your design to make people feel.

Hues and Tints

There is a different between a hue and a tint. A hue is a variation of a color that is one the color wheel. A tint is a hue where white has been added to it. In some cases this can create a new color. This can be used to change the intensity of the colors.

Learning how to use colors will allow you to bring emotions to your design. This will help you reach your audience and get the respond you are looking for regarding your artistic creation.