Tortoise Gets Designed By A 3D Printer

Hearing all of the amazing things and products that a 3D printer can achieve, one artist decides to try a new product to help a tortoise reclaim its glory with a new shell. The tortoise, known as Fred, was hurt badly in a dangerous forest fire and her shell was badly damaged. However, because of the resourceful and inspired artist, Yuri Caldera, the tortoise now has a shell that will be remembered for years.

The Tortoise Was Able to Be Saved

The ability to create a shell for a tortoise on a 3D printer was not a simple task; however, because of the growth and technology of the 3D printer the idea was able to be completed. Fred was hurt so bad that the rescuers were considering laying her to rest, however, after a lot of debate and consideration it was put into action to try to save her. When her shell was considered, Cicero Moraes took many pictures of her as well as a health tortoise to have comparisons.

After that was completed, the photos were sent to Paulo Miamoto who printed the shell in a few different sections with a corn-based material. The sections were then sent to Roberto Fecchio who performed the surgery and by the end of the process, there were no additional pieces needed to perfect the shell. That is when Yuri Caldera came in and painted the shell to help the tortoise fit into its natural environment. The process was extensive, but because of the technology of the 3D printers, the tortoise was able to be saved, and within 45 days she was healed and moving around again.

How Many Animals Can Be Saved in Future?

The technology has now been recognized by the veterinarian industry and the potential uses that it can bring to our world. Because of this creative idea and the success of the job performed, more and more companies and people are seeing the benefits that it can bring to people lives. In addition, with the 3D printer being a success, the cost that it takes to help animals will only change a perception of how many more animals that can be saved.

There are additional animals that are now in the works of being treated with the same idea and designing with the printers. With the rate that it is going, we can only expect to see the technology expand over the next years and save more lives. To find more about the tortoise and her store, visit 3Ders, and capture the love and heart that was put into taking care of her. When taking 3D printing to the next level, there is only passion and drive to consider with what can be achieved in the future.