Ways to Speed up Your Modelling

There is a multitude of ways to speed up the modeling process. There is a tool called Lattice. The lattice modeling tool in MAYA is a tool that is used to make efficient changes to a shape of high resolution without having to use tons of edges and vertices. The lattice tool is normally placed in the animation tools instead of in the polygon shelf. The person using the lattice tool wants to be sure to always create a new save point and after every use to be sure to delete the history since the tool is a bit of a glitch.

The next way to speed up the modeling process is to use a soft selection function. The soft selection function allows the artist and/or doctor, or surgeon to modify what they have been working on by giving the vertexes, edges, and a face selection; a controllable radius. Soft selection is amazing for character modeling since it provides simple and smoother transitions.

The Duplicate Special Command Allows the Creator to Make Multiple Duplicates

It also allows the creator to apply translation, rotation and scaling to each duplicate. It is definitely useful. The relax brush that is in the MAYA helps the creator to normalize the surface of an object by over aging the spacing between the vertices and does not destroy your model or the silhouette which is great for working on the images.

The Next is the Selection Set

The selection set can be saved in the MAYA. This is helpful in case the creator needs to refix an item in the image, they can just bring up the selection set and work on the one they choose. This is a great tool since it allows the creators to make mistakes on items that have already been saved. Using the selection set, the artist is able to save time on recreating images and not spending time with fixing and/or reapplying items to an image.

All of these are great to use to help the images speed up in modeling. It also allows the creator to work with making more pieces and applying more time on reviewing and editing images that need the time. It also makes the modeling process go a bit quicker with using each step or even one or the other. It helps provide a neater work space as well without having to worry about a mess or imperfections on an image.